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*** Thursday, December 6 Assembly Committees *** Port Authority Transparency and Accountability Reforms, Increased School Bus Safety Regulations, Establishing NJ Revenue Advisory Board and Inclusive LGBT Learning Materials in Schools Highlight Thursday Assembly Agendas

(TRENTON) – Transparency and accountability reforms at PANYNJ, augmenting school bus safety regulations, creating a “New Jersey Revenue Advisory Board” for budget forecasting purposes and requiring schools to accurately describe contributions of the LGBT community are the focal points of Thursday’s Assembly agendas.

Additionally, the following committees will be hearing testimony:

The Assembly Human Services Committee and the Assembly Women and Children Committee will meet jointly to hear testimony on perinatal services such as community doula services and childbirth education and their relationship to maternal health outcomes and the reduction of racial disparities in maternal mortality rates. The committees will meet on Thursday, December 6 at 10:00 AM in Committee Room 3 on the 3rd Floor.

The Assembly Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee will meet at 10:00 AM in Committee Room 13 on the 4th Floor to hear testimony and discuss developed strategies and implemented policies proven to reduce homelessness among veterans.

The Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee will meet at 1:00 PM in Room 14 on the 4th Floor to discuss the increase in hate and bias crimes reported in the New Jersey State Police “2016 Bias Incident Offense Report,” and how to reduce these crimes.

The Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee will meet at 1:00 PM in Room 15 on the 4th Floor to discuss responsible management measures to decease and control New Jersey’s deer population, whose overpopulation has created safety risks ranging from automobile accidents to tick-borne diseases and crop damage and forest degradation.

The Assembly Education Committee will meet at 10:00 AM in Room 16 on the 4th Floor to hear testimony on educational pathways to the workforce.

The meetings are slated to begin at 10:00 AM in the State House Annex and will be streamed live at:


A-1708 (1R)
Vainieri Huttle/Lagana/Eustace/
(pending referral) Provides transparency and accountability reforms at PANYNJ; modifies governance structure; provides legislative oversight of PANYNJ; and regulates capital planning process.

Allows person with implanted medical device to voluntarily make notation on driver’s license.

Requires provision in school transportation contracts for termination of contract for certain misconduct by school bus contractor; authorizes permanent debarment of certain school bus contractors.

Requires NJTA to implement certain roadside maintenance safety policies.

Rice/Singleton Requires Commissioner of Education to develop guidelines to encourage high school students to participate in apprenticeship training.
S-858 (1R)
Turner/Diegnan Requires teachers of health and physical education in grades kindergarten through six in public schools to possess appropriate endorsement to instructional certificate.
Vainieri Huttle/Jasey/
S-1569 (1R)
Weinberg/Ruiz Requires boards of education to include instruction, and adopt instructional materials, that accurately portray political, economic, and social contributions of persons with disabilities and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.
Lampitt Establishes pilot program in DOE to recruit disadvantaged or minority men to teach in certain failing schools under alternate route program.
Downey Establishes a joint legislative and executive branch New Jersey Revenue Advisory Board to provide consensus revenue forecasting advice for State budget purposes.