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THURSDAY – Testing Opt-Out, Pollution Settlements, Prescription Drug Monitoring, Atlantic City UEZ, Improving Medical Marijuana Program & Displaced Casino Worker Job Training Highlight Thursday Assembly Session

Lottery Couriers, Budget Transparency, Economic Incentive Study, Stolen Valor Act, Student Steroid Abuse, Elderly Care, School Breakfast & Motor Vehicle Data Privacy Bills Also on Tap

(TRENTON) – Legislation to allow parents to opt their children out of standardized testing, require more money from pollution settlements be used for clean-up and extend the public comment period for pollution settlements, improve prescription drug monitoring to curb abuse, bring an Urban Enterprise Zone and property tax relief to Atlantic City, fixing the medical marijuana program and provide training to displaced casino workers highlight Thursday’s Assembly voting session.
Bills to allow for lottery couriers, improve state budget transparency and forecasting, study the effectiveness of economic development incentives, the New Jersey Stolen Valor Act, curb student steroid abuse, improve elderly care, expand school breakfast and limit access to data recorded by motor vehicle recording devices are also on tap.
The session is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. and will be streamed live at:
Bill No. Sponsor Description
A-660 AcaAca Eustace, Tim
/Benson, Daniel R.
/Mazzeo, Vincent
/Johnson, Gordon M.
/Cryan, Joseph
/Coughlin, Craig J. Concerns reviews of State’s economic development incentives.
A-939 AcaSca Singleton, Troy
/Schaer, Gary S.
/Benson, Daniel R.
/Eustace, Tim
/Mosquera, Gabriela M. Enhances the reporting and disclosure requirements concerning State tax expenditures and limits the duration of new State tax expenditure enactments.
A-1586 As Spencer, L. Grace “Comprehensive Regulated Grease Recycling Act.”
A-1817 Aca Wilson, Gilbert L. Establishes that police vehicles have a useful life of five years and allows local units to bond for such vehicles.
A-1819 Wilson, Gilbert L.
/Wimberly, Benjie E. Clarifies that compensation may be paid for expenses related to service animals required due to injuries resulting from crime against victim.
A-2628 Andrzejczak, Bob
/Mazzeo, Vincent
/Wilson, Gilbert L. Allows certain National Guard and United States Reserve members on federal active duty to receive temporary suspension of payment of interest on mortgage loan.
A-2689 Acs DeAngelo, Wayne P.
/Lagana, Joseph A.
/Pinkin, Nancy J. Requires State to offer surplus State Police vehicles to certain volunteer fire and emergency service organizations.
A-2771 Aca Fuentes, Angel
/Johnson, Gordon M.
/Burzichelli, John J.
/Pintor Marin, Eliana
/Mosquera, Gabriela M. “The New Jersey Social Innovation Act”; establishes social innovation loan pilot program and study commission within EDA.
A-2840 Lampitt, Pamela R.
/Mosquera, Gabriela M.
/Schaer, Gary S.
/Spencer, L. Grace
/Pintor Marin, Eliana
/Sumter, Shavonda E.
/Wimberly, Benjie E. Expands school breakfast program to all schools with 5% or more of students eligible for free or reduced price meals.
A-2935 Andrzejczak, Bob
/Lagana, Joseph A.
/Webber, Jay
/Mosquera, Gabriela M. Authorizes property tax deferment for deployed military personnel.
A-3019 Singleton, Troy
/Conaway, Herb
/Andrzejczak, Bob
/Mazzeo, Vincent
/Riley, Celeste M.
/Garcia, Carmelo G.
/Mosquera, Gabriela M. Requires State Employment and Training Commission to prepare annual report on State workforce.
A-3084 Aca Tucker, Cleopatra G.
/Caputo, Ralph R.
/Giblin, Thomas P.
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Wimberly, Benjie E. Increases personal needs allowance to at least $50 for low-income persons residing in certain facilities.
A-3311 Singleton, Troy
/Schaer, Gary S.
/Lagana, Joseph A.
/Webber, Jay Requires Governor’s annual budget message to include description and fiscal analyses of recommendations to raise State revenue estimated at $1 million or more.
A-3318 Schaer, Gary S.
/Webber, Jay
/Dancer, Ronald S. Expands definition of “acquisition,” for purposes of county and municipal open space trust funds, to include demolition, removal of debris, and restoration of lands being acquired.
A-3579 AcaAaAa
Sca Moriarty, Paul D.
/Benson, Daniel R.
/O’Scanlon, Declan J.
/Schepisi, Holly
/Madden, Fred H.
/Beach, James Limits access to data recorded by motor vehicle recording devices.
A-3726 Mazzeo, Vincent
/Stender, Linda
/Eustace, Tim
/Gusciora, Reed Authorizes medical marijuana for qualifying patients with post-traumatic stress disorder.
A-3920 AcaAca Mazzeo, Vincent
/Andrzejczak, Bob “Atlantic City Urban Enterprise Zone and Property Tax Relief Act”; creates urban enterprise zone in Atlantic City for 10 years.
A-3928 Aca Schaer, Gary S.
/Mazzeo, Vincent
/Lagana, Joseph A.
/Benson, Daniel R.
/Quijano, Annette
/Sumter, Shavonda E. “Uncompensated Pending Medicaid Beneficiary Payment Relief Act”; provides compensation relief to nursing facilities when resident’s Medicaid eligibility determination is delayed more than 90 days.
A-4013 Greenwald, Louis D.
/Lagana, Joseph A.
/Coughlin, Craig J. Eliminates mortgage guaranty insurance coverage cap of 25% of outstanding balance of insured loan.
A-4018 Burzichelli, John J.
/Caputo, Ralph R. Authorizes operation of lottery courier services.
A-4089 AcaAa Coughlin, Craig J.
/Ciattarelli, Jack M. Revises certain provisions of dental service corporation law.
A-4103 Mazzeo, Vincent
/Andrzejczak, Bob
/Giblin, Thomas P. Creates workforce training program for former casino workers.
A-4104 Mazzeo, Vincent
/Andrzejczak, Bob
/Lagana, Joseph A.
/Mukherji, Raj
/Tucker, Cleopatra G. New Jersey Stolen Valor Act; makes unauthorized use of military uniforms, medals or insignias, and certain false statements regarding receipt of military awards with intent to obtain benefit crimes of third degree.
A-4165 Diegnan, Patrick J.
/Jasey, Mila M.
/Caputo, Ralph R.
/Auth, Robert
/Benson, Daniel R.
/Rible, David P.
/Eustace, Tim
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Gusciora, Reed
/Pinkin, Nancy J.
/McKeon, John F.
/Andrzejczak, Bob Allows parent or guardian to exclude student from administration of certain assessments.
A-4168 Aca Lagana, Joseph A.
/Mazzeo, Vincent
/Eustace, Tim
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie Requires providers to submit to DHS expenditure details of enrollees in Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.
A-4184 Eustace, Tim Requires Division of State Lottery to reduce advertising expenses for multi-state lottery games by sharing expenses with other participating states and to conduct evaluation of advertising expenses for State lottery games on annual basis.
A-4196 Aca Prieto, Vincent Clarifies and revises certain aspects of the “Hackensack Meadowlands Agency Consolidation Act.”
A-4286 Eustace, Tim
/Gusciora, Reed
/Tucker, Cleopatra G.
/Caride, Marlene
/Sumter, Shavonda E. Authorizes transfer of excess medical marijuana inventory between alternative treatment centers.
A-4307 McKeon, John F. Increases required public notice from 30 days to 60 days for settlements entered into by DEP pursuant to Spill Compensation and Control Act.
ACR-224 Gusciora, Reed
/Eustace, Tim
/Tucker, Cleopatra G. Determines that certain medical marijuana program regulations are inconsistent with legislative intent.
AJR-100 Andrzejczak, Bob
/Tucker, Cleopatra G.
/DeAngelo, Wayne P.
/Wilson, Gilbert L.
/Mazzeo, Vincent Designates first week in August of each year as “Coast Guard Week” and honors Cape May as U.S. Coast Guard’s enlisted accession point and recruit training center.
AR-219 Prieto, Vincent Designates March 2015 as “Professional Social Work Month” in NJ.
AR-224 Johnson, Gordon M.
/Eustace, Tim Recognizes 26th Anniversary of New Jersey-Taiwan sister state relationship and importance of strong and enduring relations between New Jersey and Taiwan.
AR-227 Conaway, Herb Recognizes March 2015 as National Nutrition Month in New Jersey.
S-394 Sca
(A-4246) Sacco, Nicholas J.
(Jimenez, Angelica M.
/Moriarty, Paul D.) Prohibits purchaser of used motor vehicle from waiving dealer’s obligation regarding emissions control equipment.
S-929 Aca
(A-1908 AcaAca) Sweeney, Stephen M.
/Madden, Fred H.
(Burzichelli, John J.
/Riley, Celeste M.) Concerns certain workers’ compensation supplemental benefits.
S-1521 Sca
(A-2618 Aca) Weinberg, Loretta
(Johnson, Gordon M.) Requires DOC to transfer certain payments of restitution to Victims of Crime Compensation Office.
(A-3528) Oroho, Steven V.
/Van Drew, Jeff
(Andrzejczak, Bob) Permits DCA to nominate a municipality as a qualified municipality for purposes of NJ Redevelopment Authority program participation.
S-1857 Aca
(A-2699 Aca) Codey, Richard J.
/Turner, Shirley K.
(Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Jasey, Mila M.
/Caputo, Ralph R.) Establishes measures to deter steroid use among students; appropriates $45,000 to DOE for New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association testing of student-athletes for steroids and other performance enhancing substances.
S-2372 Sca
(A-1436 Aca) Madden, Fred H.
/Oroho, Steven V.
(Caride, Marlene
/Mosquera, Gabriela M.
/Pinkin, Nancy J.) Authorizes Attorney General to coordinate Statewide law enforcement efforts against opioid drug abuse.
(A-3972) Whelan, Jim
(Mazzeo, Vincent
/Burzichelli, John J.
/Dancer, Ronald S.) Allows casino and out-of-State racetrack to negotiate amount casino will pay for simulcast races.
S-2656 Sca
(A-4042) Oroho, Steven V.
/Pennacchio, Joseph
(Space, Parker
/Caputo, Ralph R.
/Carroll, Michael Patrick
/Rumana, Scott T.
/Bucco, Anthony M.) Designates State Highway Route 15 in Sussex County as “Senator Robert E. Littell Memorial Highway.”
(AJR-13) Bateman, Christopher
/Vitale, Joseph F.
(Simon, Donna M.
/Ciattarelli, Jack M.
/DiMaio, John
/Peterson, Erik)
Designates third full week in March as “Horticultural Therapy Week.”

A-2481 AcsAaSca Diegnan, Patrick J.
/Mainor, Charles
/Singleton, Troy
/Lampitt, Pamela R.
/Kean, Sean T.
/Barnes, Peter J.
/Oroho, Steven V. Provides remedies for certain fraudulent financing statements.
A-4167 Aca Lagana, Joseph
/Mazzeo, Vincent
/Eustace, Tim
/Andrzejczak, Bob
/Vainieri Huttle, Valarie Requires DHS to notify enrollees in Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly of Medicare eligibility.
A-4169 Aca Lagana, Joseph
/Mazzeo, Vincent
/Eustace, Tim
/Andrzejczak, Bob
/Vainieri Huttle, Valarie Requires DHS to monitor utilization and billing of services for Medicaid home and community-based long-term care.
A-4326 Schaer, Gary S.
/Lagana, Joseph A.
/Eustace, Tim
/Prieto, Vincent Reforms annual State revenue estimating and reporting, and executive State budget presentation and revenue certification processes.
2119 ScsSaSa
(A-3062 AcaAcs) Weinberg, Loretta
/Vitale, Joseph F.
/Holzapfel, James W.
(Lagana, Joseph A.
/Caride, Marlene
/McKeon, John F.
/Mazzeo, Vincent
/Mukherji, Raj) Revises certain provisions of New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program.
S-2166 Sca
(A-1586 AsAca) Lesniak, Raymond J.
(Spencer, L. Grace) “Comprehensive Regulated Grease Recycling Act.”
(A-3582) O’Toole, Kevin J.
/Sarlo, Paul A.
(Russo, David C.
/Rumana, Scott T.) Designates State Highway Route 17 in Waldwick Borough as “Christopher Goodell Memorial Highway.”
(A-4300) Stack, Brian P.
(Mukherji, Raj
/McKeon, John F.) “Volunteers in Public Service Pension Reform Act,” allows municipal elected officials in PERS to retire based on other PERS service and remain in office with no salary or health care benefits for that office.
(A-4311) Sacco, Nicholas J.
/Stack, Brian P.
(Johnson, Gordon M.) Allows PFRS to pay pension to member who resigns and retires from PFRS-covered employment to assume elective office with same employer to eliminate conflict of incompatible positions.
(A-4281) Sarlo, Paul A.
(McKeon, John F.
/Schaer, Gary S.
/Prieto, Vincent
/Quijano, Annette) Amends Fiscal Year 2015 budget to provide one-half of certain environmental damage amounts recovered are appropriated for costs of remediation, restoration, and clean up.