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Timberlake: I’ll Support a Budget Without a Millionaire’s Tax

Assembly Democrat Britnee Timberlake (D-Essex, Passaic) released the following statement today regarding the FY2020 State Budget:

“The State budget has a lot of moving parts, none of which are singled out and voted on separately. The budget includes funding for housing, social services, funds to help hospitals remain open, grants that nonprofits and municipalities rely on, schools, health care, road, bridge and train infrastructure rehab, etc.

“As a legislator it is my job to advocate for what is best for my constituents. This year’s budget presents a much different scenario than any year over the past decade. Revenues have far exceeded the expectations of both the Murphy Administration and Office of Legislative Services, which is why for the first time since 2008 excess money is being deposited into the rainy day fund.

“I am not abandoning my support for a millionaire’s tax and never will. However, I have an obligation as a responsible legislator to vote on a responsible budget for New Jersey.

“I will support a responsible State budget even if it does not include a millionaire’s tax, while still being a staunch advocate for the millionaire’s tax until it gets done.”