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Tougher Child Pornography Penalties, Pediatric Respite Care, Attracting College Grads to Cities & Updating Senior Property Tax Relief Qualifications Highlight Monday Assembly Committee Hearings

(TRENTON) – Tougher child pornography penalties, allowing for pediatric respite care facilities, revitalizing older cities by attracting young college graduates and updating senior property tax relief qualifications top Monday’s Assembly committee agendas.
Hearings are scheduled to start at 10 a.m. and will be streamed live at:
Highlights include:
· A-3735 – (Mainor) – Revises statutes and enhances penalties for offenses involving child pornography and A-3740 (Caride) – Revises statutes and enhances penalties for offenses involving child pornography; makes crime of causing a child to engage in a prohibited sexual act subject to “No Early Release Act.” (2 p.m. Law and Public Safety Committee)
· A-3558 (Benson/Chivukula/Lampitt/Eustace) – Establishes pediatric respite care program licensure requirements. (1 p.m. Regulated Professions Committee)
· A-2542 (Burzichelli/Riley) – Increases annual income limitation for senior and disabled citizens’ eligibility for $250 property tax deduction and bases future annual income limitations on annual CPI change and ACR-148 (Burzichelli/Eustace) – Proposes constitutional amendment to increase annual income limitation for senior and disabled citizens’ $250 property tax deduction and bases future annual limitations on annual CPI changes. (2 p.m. Appropriations Committee)
· A-3223 (Fuentes/Ramos/Watson Coleman) – Establishes the “Neighborhood Scholar Revitalization Pilot Program.” (2 p.m. Commerce and Economic Development Committee)
· A-1665/S-2153 (Johnson/Vainieri Huttle/Diegnan)/ – Revises statutory mental health coverage requirements and requires all health insurers and SHBP to cover treatment for alcoholism and other substance-use disorders under same terms and conditions as for other diseases or illnesses. (10 a.m. Health and Senior Services Committee)
· A-3126 (Stender) – Authorizes public institutions of higher education to establish textbook rental programs. (10 a.m. Higher Education Committee)
· A-3462 (Riley/Lampitt/Wagner) – Requires president of public institution of higher education to regularly report on-campus criminal and fire events to the institution’s governing board. (10 a.m. Higher Education Committee)
· A-1214 (Stender/Conaway/Webber/Benson) – Establishes pilot program to utilize value-based benefit design in SHBP to increase health benefits coverage for certain employees concerning chronic health conditions. (2 p.m. Appropriations Committee)
· A-2270 (Singleton/Conaway/Moriarty/Green) – Permits small businesses to qualify for loans from NJEDA for costs of energy audit and making energy efficiency or conservation improvements. (2 p.m. Appropriations Committee)
· A-2022 (Singleton/Benson/Johnson/Lampitt/Quijano/Vainieri Huttle) – Requires insurers to cover comprehensive ultrasound breast screening or other screening if a mammogram demonstrates certain dense breast tissue and requires certain mammogram reports to contain information on breast density. (2 p.m. Appropriations Committee)
· A3624 (Eustace/Wagner) – Provides that participation by New Jersey residents in contests of skill does not constitute unlawful gambling. (10 a.m. Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee)