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Tuition Study Commission, Megan’s Law Reform, Equipping Police Vehicles with Cameras, Panic Alarms at Schools, Responsible Fatherhood, Mortgage Assistance & Quicker Disaster Recovery Highlight Monday Assembly Committee Meetings

Pintor Marin & Contillo to be Sworn to Assembly

(TRENTON) – Finding ways to ease tuition, modernizing Megan’s Law to better protect children from sex offenders, equipping all new police vehicles with cameras, installing emergency and panic alarms at schools, encouraging responsible fatherhood, mortgage assistance and hastening recovery for future disasters top Monday’s Assembly committee agendas.
Also, at 1 p.m. Assemblyman-select Paul J. Contillo (D-Bergen/Passaic) and Assemblywoman-select Eliana Pintor Marin (D-Essex) will be sworn in as members of the General Assembly. Contillo will represent the 38th District, while Pintor Marin will represent the 29th District.
The hearings are scheduled to start at 10 a.m. and will be streamed live at:
Highlights include:

· A-4444 (Riley/Wisniewski) – Establishes “Higher Education Tuition Study Commission” to consider creation of a Pay Forward, Pay Back pilot program. 10:30 a.m. Assembly Higher Education.
· A-3886 (DeAngelo/Benson) – Revises certain provisions of Megan’s Law and imposes monthly penalty on sex offenders to fund their monitoring and supervision by the parole board. 2 p.m. Law and Public Safety.

· A-4193 (Moriarty/Mainor/Fuentes/Mosquera/Lampitt) – Requires new police vehicles to be equipped with cameras. 2 p.m. Law and Public Safety.

· A-3691 (Caputo/Diegnan/Ramos/Spencer/Tucker/Quijano/Vainieri Huttle) – Requires school buildings to be equipped with emergency light and panic alarm linked to local law enforcement. 2 p.m. Assembly Appropriations.
· A-3694 (Greenwald) – Grants immunity from liability for certain professional services rendered during emergencies under certain circumstances. 1 p.m. Regulated Professions.
· A2410 (Singleton/Watson Coleman/Lampitt/Schaer/Wimberly) – Establishes New Jersey Council on Responsible Fatherhood and Responsible Fatherhood Fund. 2 p.m. Assembly Appropriations.
· A3915 (Singleton/Green/DeAngelo/Sumter/Lampitt) – Establishes the Mortgage Assistance Pilot Program. 2 p.m. Assembly Appropriations.
· A-4336 (Gusciora/Moriarty) – Enacts “Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act.” 10 a.m. Assembly Consumer Affairs.

· A-3605 (Albano/Diegnan/Jasey/Andrzejczak) – Requires all public school students to be screened for dyslexia and other reading disabilities by completion of the first grade. 2 p.m. Assembly Appropriations.
· A-756 (Barnes/Diegnan/Moriarty/Watson Coleman) – Limits forum of consumer contract disputes to New Jersey. 10 a.m. Assembly Consumer Affairs.

· A-3802 (Wimberly/Jasey) – Enacts the “Reader Privacy Act.” 10 a.m. Assembly Consumer Affairs.

· A-4062 (Conaway/Eustace) – Establishes Medicaid Smart Card Pilot Program. 10 a.m. Assembly Health and Senior Services.
· A-3161 (Riley/McKeon/Giblin) – The “Bio-based Heating Oil Act.” 10 a.m. Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities.
· A-3619 (Cryan) – Requires cable television, telecommunications, and public utility service providers request alternate modes of communication from customers; requires that providers contact customers in event of service interruptions and emergencies. 10 a.m. Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities.
· A-3746 (Cryan/Wagner/Eustace) – Provides gross income or corporation business tax credit to property owners for vegetation management near electric utility lines. 10 a.m. Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities. 10 a.m. Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities.
· A-3898 (Ramos/Spencer/Eustace) – Authorizes municipalities to finance water conservation, storm shelter construction, and flood and hurricane resistance projects. 2 p.m. Assembly Appropriations.
· A-4141 (Tucker/Wilson/Brown) – Creates exemption from certain MVC fees for prisoners of war. 2 p.m. Assembly Appropriations.
· A-1393 (Wilson): Requires corporations qualifying for State development subsidy grants to repay entire grant amount if corporation fails to uphold grant terms. 2 p.m. Assembly Commerce and Economic Development.

· A-3629 (Mosquera): Provides corporation business tax credits and gross income tax credits for purchase of certain compressed natural gas vehicles. 2 p.m. Assembly Commerce and Economic Development.

· A-1399 (Wilson/Singleton/Coughlin/Riley) – Authorizes payment of funeral expenses for certain public safety employees killed in line of duty. 2 p.m. Law and Public Safety.