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Tully & Swain Bill to Provide Resident Tuition Rate to Children of Military Personnel Formerly Stationed in NJ Now Law

In a move to make college more affordable for the families of military members, a bi-partisan bill sponsored by Assembly Democrats Christopher Tully and Lisa Swain to expand eligibility for the resident tuition rate to certain children of military personnel was signed into law Monday.

Any member of the military stationed in New Jersey and their dependents are already eligible for resident tuition rates at public institutions of higher education. This law (formerly bill A-2142/S-275) will expand eligibility to dependent children of military personnel who attended high school in New Jersey for at least three years, even if the dependent child no longer lives in the state at the time of their enrollment.

Upon the bill becoming law, Assembly members Tully and Swain (both D-Bergen, Passaic) issued the following joint statement:


“Military families are often moving around in order to go where their country needs them. A child of a service member could live in New Jersey for several years. They grow up here and plan to go to college here, only to have to leave the state shortly before graduating high school.

“This law will help ensure those children can still attend a public university at resident tuition rates even after they are re-stationed. All military families contribute and sacrifice for our country. We can show our gratitude by offering their children a more affordable route to higher education in New Jersey.”