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Vainieri Huttle on Christie’s CV of Emergency Rental Assistance Benefits for Disabled Individuals

Assemblywomen Valerie Vainieri Huttle released the following statement Monday on Gov. Christie’s conditional veto of legislation she sponsored to ensure the continuation of emergency rental assistance benefits for certain disabled individuals or their caretakers.

Specifically, Vainieri Huttle’s bill (S-983/A-2568) would have granted the Commissioner of Human Services the authority to continually grant extensions of emergency rental assistance benefits to disabled individuals who are chronically unemployed or their caregivers. The bill would also have required notification, in writing, of any termination or modification of the recipient’s emergency assistance benefits at least one month prior to termination or modification.

The changes proposed in Christie’s conditional veto would allow the commissioner to grant up to two six-month extensions of benefits and only require 10-days’ notice of termination or modification of the assistance.

“While I’m disappointed the Governor didn’t sign this bill into law, I’m glad he recognizes the need for this emergency assistance for some of our most vulnerable,” said Vainieri Huttle (D-Bergen). “I am, however, concerned that a 10-day notification period may not provide adequate time for individuals to find alternative housing. I hope to work with my colleagues so that we can enact a fair compromise swiftly so as not to further delay these benefits.”

The legislation is part of efforts by Assembly Democrats to lift people out of poverty and rebuild New Jersey’s middle-class.