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Vainieri Huttle Reiterates Woman’s Right to Choose, Calls on Congress & Trump Administration to Reject Kavanaugh Nomination

(TRENTON) – Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-Bergen) issued the following statement Friday after the General Assembly approved a resolution she sponsored calling on Congress and President Trump to eliminate existing restrictions on abortion access, and reject Supreme Court nominees who would impose new limits on reproductive freedom.

The resolution (AR-181) reiterates the state’s position with respect to women’s reproductive rights and access to abortion, and it respectfully urges Congress and President Trump to: reject or revoke the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh or any other Supreme Court nominee who would move to limit the rights of women to access reproductive services, including abortion; and remove any existing restrictions on access to abortion, including restrictions on insurance coverage for women who are enrolled in public insurance programs.

“Listening to Dr. Ford be peppered with questions as if she was on trial was a harsh reminder of why so many women who have been victimized find it hard to report the abuse.

“She has shown more dignity, courage and patriotism than many of those elected officials who – despite the mounting allegations against him – insist that Judge Kavanaugh is worthy of a seat on the Supreme Court.

“The disturbing claims against him show he is not, and I sincerely hope that the voices of Dr. Ford and the other women who have come forward are not ignored.

“He should not have the privilege of serving on the highest court, and he should certainly not be making decisions affecting women in this country.

“The reproductive rights of women are on the line.

“Access to safe abortions is on the line.

“We cannot allow anyone on the Supreme Court who threatens to rid women of their ability to choose what is best for them, and jeopardize their health and future.”

The resolution was approved 47-16-9 on Sept. 27 and now awaits further consideration by the Senate.