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Vitale, Coughlin and Lopez on Upcoming Change to Academy Bus Service in Sayreville

In response to an announcement from Academy Bus that it will discontinue local service in Sayreville to Wall Street effective Nov. 1, Senator Joe Vitale, Speaker Craig Coughlin and Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez (all D-Middlesex) released the following statements:

Senator Vitale: “It’s unfortunate that ridership on Sayreville-Wall Street bus line is not sustainable enough to continue. While we were able to delay suspension of service from March to November to allow commuters to work with Academy to preserve service to Midtown Manhattan, it is clear the line is no longer viable. Going forward, we will continue evaluating all options to ensure Sayreville area residents have access to a wide array of public transportation services, particularly for commuters to New York City.”

Speaker Coughlin: “Ridership on the Sayreville-Wall Street bus line is not what it used to be. However, those who do depend on this service are sure to have questions about where they will go from here. Our office has reached out to NJ Transit to renew discussions about evaluating service lines along the Route 9 corridor, and to see if we may be able to bring additional options to the Sayreville Park and Ride. We remain dedicated to ensuring the needs of commuters are met.”

Assemblywoman Lopez: “As the Sayreville and surrounding communities unfortunately say goodbye to this bus line, we must remember other methods of transportation are still available. Direct service to Wall Street is accessible via the Cheesequake Park and Ride and Old Bridge Park and Ride, though commuters will need to pay for parking. Taking on additional parking costs is never an optimal solution for commuters, but it remains an accessible option. Improving public transportation for Middlesex County residents is important to Senator Vitale, Speaker Coughlin and myself. We continue to look into additional options for local commuters.”