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(38th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) – Assemblywoman Connie Wagner on Wednesday touted legislation she sponsored to protect New Jersey residents from contaminated wastewater produced by hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.
Wagner’s legislation (A-4231) prohibits fracking wastewater from being shipped or transported into New Jersey from another state. It also makes clear that fracking wastewater cannot be treated in the state.
Wagner has been a leader in sponsoring legislation to protect New Jerseyans by prohibiting fracking in the state.
Fracking involves pumping water laced with sand and chemicals into the ground at high pressure to split rocks open, unleashing natural gas.
The wastewater can be polluted with pollutants such as radium, benzene, barium and strontium.
“We don’t want this process in New Jersey, and we don’t want the wastewater either, ” said Wagner (D-Bergen). “Radioactive water can go elsewhere, especially places that promote and encourage this drilling practice for whatever reason. For me, protecting New Jerseyans and their families are always my priority.”
Wagner said she was especially concerned the wastewater could end up in rivers and streams.
“New Jersey has been at the forefront of environmental protection, and this is a sensible step forward,” Wagner said. “We don’t want this radioactive water ending up in our streams and rivers where it would cause environmental and health problems. We don’t need it here at all.”