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Bergen Assemblywoman Concerned Over Impact on State’s Hardest Hit County

Assemblywoman Connie Wagner today called on the Christie administration to regain its focus and direct attention to meeting the deadline for applying for the $268 million New Jersey is eligible for through the federal Education Jobs Fund.

“It’s beyond puzzling as to why Governor Christie has not applied for this money yet. Bergen County schools have been hit the hardest by the Governor’s school aid cuts this year, with more districts seeing a total loss of aid than in any other county. The devastating effects these cuts will have on our classrooms are compounded by our loss of Race to the Top funds.

“The Education Jobs Fund is a lifeline for schools struggling to keep classroom sizes down and the quality of education up. With the deadline quickly approaching, it’s absolutely essential that Governor Christie direct the appropriate personnel to act immediately to ensure that we apply correctly and within the timeframe specified.

“Labor Day is upon us and kids are heading back to school this week. In order to ensure as seamless a transition as possible, districts need to know how much funding will be coming their way in order to hire the appropriate number of personnel. If the Governor fails to apply on time, then the federal government will be left to determine how New Jersey’s funds are distributed, delaying the process and disrupting classrooms.”