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Wagner: Christie Veto of “Good Samaritan Emergency Response Act” Ignores Reality & the Lives that Could Be Saved

Assemblywoman Connie Wagner, the lead sponsor of the “Good Samaritan Emergency Response Act” on Friday called Governor Christie’s conditional veto of the bill short-sighted and potentially damaging.

“Drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death in New Jersey. In 2009, there were 700 overdose deaths in our state alone.

“Many of these deaths could have been prevented if medical assistance was sought immediately and those helping a victim didn’t fear arrest or prosecution.

“Instead, the Governor chose to ignore the reality of this situation and replace a practical approach with a bureaucratic approach.

“By ordering an 18-month study of the issue, the Governor is ignoring how many lives could be saved in that time. This is a waste of taxpayer money and a short-sighted move on his part,” said Wagner (D-Bergen.)

Wagner’s legislation (A-578) was designed to save lives in New Jersey by protecting witnesses and victims of a drug overdose from being subject to arrest or prosecution for helping to obtain timely medical attention in the event of a drug overdose.