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(PARAMUS) – Assemblywoman Connie Wagner (D-Bergen) released the following statement Wednesday on continued shoddy customer service by the Motor Vehicle Commission under Gov. Chris Christie:

“It’s appalling that Gov. Christie has taken one of the remarkable success stories in recent New Jersey government history and essentially trashed it in 18 months.
“Motorists across this state had become accustomed to brutal waits at motor vehicle agencies, until the reforms of decade ago changed that reality. Now, motor vehicle agencies are again a mess under Gov. Christie.
“That mess was made very clear by Monday’s computer crash that inconvenienced numerous New Jerseyans and brought motor vehicle agencies to a standstill.
“What was the point of closing the agencies on Monday to save $4million if the result was going to be lost wages for New Jersey workers forced to stand in line for hours? And that’s if they’re lucky and the computers don’t crash on them, forcing them to come back for another wait.
“It’s clear enough the governor doesn’t care about working class residents and their time, but maybe he should consider the economic impact of the lost wages incurred standing in line these days at motor vehicle offices.”