(PARAMUS) — Assemblywoman Connie Wagner on Tuesday announced she’s introduced legislation to require vendors that collect New Jersey sales tax to record and report the amount of the tax collected within each municipality.

Wagner said her bill (A-2626) would help show Gov. Chris Christie’s plan to repeal Bergen County’s law banning business on Sunday couldn’t possibly generate the $65 million he claims it would raise.

“It’s safe to say that Paramus and Bergen County already – without even knowing the exact numbers – generate some of the highest sales tax collections in the state, if not the highest, just by being open six days,” said Wagner (D-Bergen). “Being open seven days wouldn’t generate additional revenue. It would just spread the same consumer spending over seven days.”

Christie proposed repealing Bergen County’s traditional Sunday business ban in his proposed budget.

“This is a flawed idea with a nonsensical revenue estimate,” Wagner said. “What Gov. Christie is seeking to do would diminish our quality in life in Bergen County and do nothing to help state finances.”

Wagner’s bill wouldn’t make any changes to the imposition and collection of the sales and use tax.

“We already collect this kind of data from New Jersey income tax returns,” Wagner said. “This data would help us better identify the municipalities that generate much of the revenues that fund many of the functions of state government.”

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