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Watson Coleman: Christie’s Failure to Support Gender Pay Equity Disappointing

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Mercer/Hunterdon) expressed her disappointment over Governor Christie’s decision to veto a two-bill package (S-1038/S-783) she sponsored to help bridge the gender wage gap and fight discrimination in the workplace.

“It’s unbelievable that we’re still fighting the same wage discrimination battles our mothers and grandmothers did years ago,” said Watson Coleman (D-Mercer/Hunterdon). “Even more unbelievable is that a husband and father of two girls fails to understand this problem and support our efforts.

“Any woman who is as qualified as a man should be entitled to equal compensation for the same job, plain and simple. The bills the Governor has vetoed would have helped empower New Jersey’s women to fight for that ideal.

“Pay equity is about the ability of New Jersey’s residents to support their families and when they can do that, it makes our entire state stronger. It’s unfortunate that the Governor fails to understand the big picture.”