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(TRENTON) – Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Mercer) released the following statement Tuesday on Gov. Chris Christie’s tirade at one of his taxpayer-funded sideshows in Hamilton:

“The governor can rant and rave all he wants and try to blame me for two murders, but then he must take responsibility for the 71 percent increase in Newark’s homicide rate and overall 21 percent increase in Newark’s crime rate that followed his state aid cuts last year.
“My legislation was meant to save taxpayer dollars and improve lives. The governor’s budget cuts, on the other hand, were patently irresponsible and designed to destroy the progress made in many of our great cities.
“But don’t worry – people in our cities may fear for their safety under Gov. Christie’s budget policies, but millionaires are at least enjoying their Christie tax cut. Boosting the wealthy seems to be the only policy the governor seems to truly care about.
“The governor’s tirades are tiresome and cowardly. It would be nice if he decided to act like a leader once in a while and engage in an adult conversation about the issues. This governor’s behavior demeans our state and the office he holds.”