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Watson Coleman: DCA’s Lack of Answers Means Gov Should Return Affordable Housing Funds to Towns

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Mercer/Hunterdon) on Wednesday questioned the Department of Community Affair’s (DCA) decision making process during an Assembly Housing and Local Government Committee hearing on Governor Christie’s decision to confiscate affordable housing funds from municipalities.

“If DCA is unable to explain itself by hiding behind the convenient excuse of pending litigation, the governor should leave affordable housing funds where they belong – with the towns.

“It’s clear that the department is completely ignoring the intent of our affordable housing laws by their inability to explain their decision making.

“This lawsuit has arisen as a result of the administration’s decision to confiscate these funds. The administration should be more than prepared to justify their actions.

“Instead of providing us with answers as to how New Jersey intends to meet its need for affordable housing for working-class families, we are being met with nothing but obfuscation,” said Watson Coleman.