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Unfortunately, Attack not Surprising

(TRENTON) — Responding to personal attacks levied at her by Governor Chris Christie during a Friday afternoon news conference, Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Mercer) issued the following statement:

“How dare this governor impugn my reputation as a legislator and ascribe to me motives so wildly inaccurate as to be completely offensive.

“I wish I could say this surprised me, but this governor is a man who thrives on conflict and confrontation. When there is none, he manufactures it, like he did today with his veto of Democratic job creation bills and his support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s destruction of collective bargaining and worker’s rights.

“As in most things, the governor is dead wrong about my questioning why the Trenton Central High School was left off of his list of top 10 school development projects for 2011.

“My first and only obligation as a legislator is to the families of my district, many of whom were confused and concerned that Trenton was once again ignored when it came time for the governor to dole out state aid.

“The general condition of Trenton Central and its severe need of a new roof qualify it for every criteria of “in need of replacement” that comes to my mind. What we don’t know is what criteria the governor used.

“If it is reasonable, rational and sane, that will be the end of it. If it is not, then we will need to investigate why it was used in the first place.

“Regardless of the criteria used, one thing was made clear to me today: this governor needs to spend less time manufacturing crises and more time working with the Legislature and stakeholders to create jobs for New Jerseyans.”