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Watson Coleman on Christie Bid to Raid Affordable Housing Money

Notes Proposed Raid Comes After Net 20% Property Tax Hike Under Christie

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Mercer/Hunterdon) released the following statement Monday as the Assembly Budget Committee heard from the Department of Community Affairs on the governor’s plan to raid affordable housing trust fund money:

“It’s very concerning that Gov. Christie wants to raid affordable housing, especially considering the serious problems New Jerseyans face finding affordable housing and keeping their home.

“The net 20 percent property tax increase New Jerseyans have seen under Gov. Christie is bad enough, but the governor could be making it even more difficult to find affordable housing in this state.

“Money paid to municipalities to provide affordable housing and funds paid to settle complaints about mortgages that contributed to the ongoing foreclosure crisis must be used to help residents and to stabilize neighborhoods.

“The governor likes to brag about his so-called ‘New Jersey Comeback,’ but he shouldn’t build that myth on the backs of working class New Jerseyans struggling with housing issues. Working class residents have never been this governor’s concern, but combating foreclosures and making our state more affordable are critical for New Jersey’s economic recovery.”