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Watson Coleman on Governor’s Proposed Pension Payment Delay to Balance Budget; "Here We Go Again"

(Trenton) – Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Mercer, Hunterdon) issued the following statement on Gov. Christie’s plan to slash pension funding to solve his budget crisis:

“Here we go again. The saga continues with the story line we have all heard countless times before. ‘It’s not my fault.’
“The Governor continues to blame others for the mistakes made solely by this administration’s irresponsible policies over the last four years.

“Four years of inflated budget projections has finally caught up to the Governor. The solution is not to continue to lay the burden on the shoulders of struggling taxpayers, public workers and middle-class families.

“This administration’s misaligned principles and focus on 2016 has placed New Jersey’s future in a pit of quicksand. Recent credit downgrades, sky-high property taxes, unsteady unemployment and no practical solutions offered by Gov. Christie are all compounding problems that will affect every working man and woman, every household and business across the state in future years.

“It’s time to stop focusing on what simply sounds good in sound bites and town hall meetings. It’s time to get to work and focus on doing what is right by the people of New Jersey.”