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Watson Coleman: Prayers are With Officers; State Help to Combat Trenton Violence Welcome but Overdue

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Mercer/Hunterdon) released the following statement Thursday on the Attorney General’s plan to boost law enforcement in Trenton amid the recent wave of violent crime:

“Today’s shooting in Trenton is startling, but sadly just another indication of the horrible violence destroying New Jersey’s capital city, especially involving guns. Our prayers are with the police officers injured today and their families. We hope for a strong and speedy recovery and honor their brave service.

“While what happened in Trenton today may not necessarily be classified as a typical ‘street crime,’ it still illustrates the easy access criminals have to guns and the need for us to do more to stop the proliferation of guns on our streets.” “Clearly, the assistance and emphasis announced by the Attorney General’s Office and Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office is well overdue. We’ve been asking for more help for a long time, and this cooperative effort must continue.

“Everyone knows the leadership within the city of Trenton has had its problems, but the people of Trenton should not be penalized. They deserve to live free of violence and fear.

“While this is a step toward a safer city, the hard work is just beginning. This problem wasn’t created overnight and won’t be solved overnight. In fact, it won’t be solved until New Jersey starts a sustained effort to improve job creation and education throughout our state, including the cities.

“Only through continued cooperation will we bring peace to Trenton’s streets, but that cooperation is what residents of our capital city deserve.”