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Assemblywoman Criticizes Republican Plans to Overburden Working Poor While Giving the Rich Tax Breaks

Assembly Budget Committee member Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Mercer) today criticized the misplaced priorities of the Christie administration and legislative Republicans as they zero in on increasing the burden on the state’s hardest hit residents, while asking nothing of its wealthiest.

“It was very disturbing today to hear Republicans in both the administration and the legislature discuss what would happen if the court orders more school funding.

“We heard about eliminating medical coverage for the poor. We heard about cutting senior programs such as nursing homes and prescription drug programs. We heard about ‘serious impact on those most vulnerable communities.

“We did not hear anything about asking our most fortunate residents to share in the sacrifice. Time and time again, Republicans press the middle-class and the poor to carry the burden to care for our most vulnerable, while asking nothing of our wealthiest residents.

“The Republican mantra of tax cuts for the rich and a heavier burden for everyone else is stunning.”