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Watson Coleman: What About ‘Equality for All’ is so Wrong, Gov. Christie?

(TRENTON) – Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Mercer/Hunterdon) on Thursday issued the following statement criticizing Gov. Christie for his remarks about the Supreme Court’s DOMA decision:

“It is reprehensible that the governor can condemn a decision that eliminates a policy that actively discriminated against a section of the population who asked for nothing more than the same right availed to others. What exactly is wrong with a decision that accomplishes this?

“It is also very telling that the governor had nothing to say about the high court striking down a key part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which for decades has ensured that voters in states that have a history of discrimination at the polls did not have their voting rights trampled.

“I wonder if the governor is as outraged about this decision, which threatens to disfranchise voters in certain states, as he is about the repeal of DOMA, which invalidates a policy that for too long made second-class citizens of so many Americans. I’m willing to bet $12 million he is not.”