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Watson Coleman: Why Can Governor Afford Tax Breaks for Millionaires but Not Health Care for Women?

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman on Wednesday questioned why the Christie administration has not restored funding for women’s health care despite their robust budget projections for this year.

“For two years the Governor stated that we did not have the money to fund women’s health care and family planning.

“Now that his self-proclaimed ‘comeback’ is underway and he has found a billion dollars to give millionaires income tax cuts, why can’t he find $7.5 million to provide access to critical health care for middle and low income women?

“It’s time to end the shameful excuses when the money is available and investing it in health care for women would help lower insurance costs for every taxpayer.

“This is yet another indication that the governor’s opposition to women’s health care is nothing more than his conservative ideology. It certainly cannot be based on sound fiscal and health care policy.