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**WEDNESDAY ADVISORY** Mainor Launches "PEACE on Gun Violence" Initiative to Address Gun Violence, Calls on Governor to Take Immediate Action on Gun Violence Prevention Legislation

(JERSEY CITY) – Assemblyman Charles Mainor (D-Hudson) will host an outdoor town hall meeting on Wednesday to launch his “PEACE on Gun Violence” initiative to help address gun violence in New Jersey. The initiative in part calls on Gov. Christie to take action on gun violence prevention legislation that has stalled in his office since being approved by the Legislature.

“The prevalence of gun violence, particularly in our urban communities is reaching epidemic proportions. Entire communities are being terrorized by thugs who value pride and revenge more than they do human life. We can no longer sit idly by as neighborhood streets turn into war zones,” said Mainor, who chairs the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee. “We have a responsibility to all of our residents, especially the ones suffering the most. How many more innocent people must die before we decide that keeping residents safe and preventing gun deaths is a cause worth supporting?

The launch and town hall meeting will be held from 6-7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 10 on Lexington Avenue from Bergen Avenue to Kennedy Boulevard, which will be shut down for the event. The launch comes in light of increased gun violence in Jersey City, particularly on the corner of Lexington and Bergen avenues, which has been the scene of 10 shootings over the last month.

Mainor will be joined by newly elected Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and the Jersey City council at the meeting, where he will reveal his 4-step plan to help fight gun violence in New Jersey.

Mainor’s initiative involves creating opportunities for residents to voice their safety concerns to police, establishing strong block watch groups, meeting with National Rifle Association members to discuss areas of concern and opportunities for mutual agreement and passing tougher gun laws.

“We cannot in good conscience sit back while people are dying, while people are being held hostage in their homes out of fear that they might become the next innocent bystander hit by a bullet meant for somebody else,” said Mainor. “It is not enough to get angry. It is not enough to denounce violence. We must take action. It is time to say peace to gun violence. Frankly, it is way overdue.”