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Wilson Bill to Increase Fines for Failing to Keep to the Right Gets Final Legislative Approval

By a vote of 69-7, the full Assembly on Monday granted final legislative approval to a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Gilbert “Whip” Wilson to increase motorist fines for failing to keep right unless overtaking another vehicle.

“State law is very clear – a vehicle shall normally be driven in the lane nearest the right-hand edge when that lane is available for travel, except when overtaking another vehicle or in preparation for a left turn,” said Wilson (D-Camden/Gloucester). “A driver who is not obeying this law can be aggravating, but it’s also unsafe to obstruct traffic flow. This bill is, quite simply, a public safety issue and common sense.”

Specifically, the bill (A-2277) would increase the penalty for failing to observe traffic lanes from between $50 and $200 to between $100 and $300.

The bill would also establish a $50 surcharge imposed for both failure by a motorist to keep right, and failure by a motorist to observe traffic lanes. The surcharge would be placed into a fund to pay for signs that remind motorists when entering New Jersey to keep to the right of the roadway and to observe traffic lanes.

The bill now heads to the Governor’s desk for consideration.