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Wilson, Norcross Bill Regulating Taxicab Fares Approved by Assembly

Measure to ensure uniform cab rates in municipalities with more than 12,000 residents

(TRENTON) — Legislation by Assemblyman Gilbert “Whip” Wilson and Senator Donald Norcross (D-Camden/Gloucester) that establishes a system for regulating taxicab fares has been approved by the General Assembly today.

“Taking a cab shouldn’t be a roll of the dice,” said Assemblyman Wilson. “Passengers should be able to know what their fare will be before they get in the cab, not once they arrive at their destination.”

Bill A1389 would provide a uniform basic structure of taxicab fares for municipalities classified as first- or second-class cities, or those with a population of 12,000 or more. These cities are required – if they have not done so already – to establish a system for regulating the fares charged by taxicabs. Any cities with a pre-existing program or system will not be affected by this law.

All taxicabs originating from the municipality and traveling to a point inside or outside the state will be regulated by this system. The bill requires that meters should be installed in the cabs, and that fares are just, reasonable and uniform.

“Taxis can only be a reliable transportation system if you know how much a trip will cost at the outset,” Senator Norcross added. “As with any service, customers have the right to expect a standard fare.”

The bill was approved by the Senate Transportation Committee at the end of December and today passed the Assembly by a vote of 72 to 7.