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Wimberly Condemns Trump’s ‘Lynching’ Comment on Impeachment Inquiry

Following President Donald Trump’s comment comparing the ongoing congressional impeachment inquiry to a “lynching,” Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly (D-Bergen, Passiac) released the following statement:

“I cannot begin to fathom how the President of the United States could find it in any way acceptable to use such racist, hateful language when referring to a lawful investigation by Congress. We cannot forget that there was a time when people in this country were victims of lynching. The word alone reminds of the darkest time in our country’s history and the terror African-Americans faced in the wake of Reconstruction. Innocent people lost their lives, and brutally.

            “The president is not one to choose his words carefully, but this comment was outrageously offensive nonetheless. It’s time he learned the basic principles of morality, and to think before he speaks and tweets.”