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Wimberly: Controversial School Board Member Should Resign Today

Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly issued the following remarks on the Toms River School Board member Dan Leonard and his recent social media posts regarding the two Muslim women Congressional representatives:

“As a career educator, coach and elected official, I find Leonard’s social media posts abhorrent and unfitting of an elected official representing children of his district as a school board member.

          “How is it possible that in 2019 we have a school board member who posts hateful words in which he would welcome the death of a sitting congresswoman? School children in Leonard’s district can see his social media posts. What kind of message is he sending?

          “In another social media post Leonard makes his Islamophobia and racist disdain for another congresswoman clear for the entire world to see including students in his district.

          “Leonard should resign today. If he doesn’t, parents, advocates and school board members should take action now to remove him. His posts are disgusting and there is no place in our education system for someone like Leonard.”