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Wimberly Remembers Hurricane Sandy on One Year Anniversary

(Paterson) – Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly issued the following statement regarding the anniversary of Sandy:

“A year ago we all were humbled by the surreal strength of Hurricane Sandy and its landfall on our shores.

“Never before had New Jersey seen a storm like this one. No electric power for more than eight days again. Fallen trees and power lines draped across streets. We remember the mass flooding which closed off roadways and the many homes, even whole towns decimated by the storm.

“I also remember the strong sense of community shown in Paterson and other cities across the state. Neighbors and families pulled together for meals, shelter and support. Residents checking on the elderly became a way of life for over 3 weeks. Volunteers traveled county and state lines to help those in need. Donations and prayers poured into New Jersey from across the country.

“There is without a doubt much more to accomplish in the coming months for communities affected by not only Hurricane Sandy but past storms. After Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee and even the snowstorm of 2011, all which were devastating for many towns in Passaic County, we must make sure that in our efforts to continue to rebuild we must plan for future occurrences.”