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Wisniewski: Christie’s Repeated Rejection of Tax Relief a Sad Reality

Lesson to New Jersey: Watch What He Does, Not What He Says

(TRENTON) – Assembly Deputy Speaker John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) released the following statement on Monday:

“Today’s harangue by Governor Christie represents the height of hypocrisy. He raised taxes on New Jersey’s working poor in his first budget and now he’s vetoed the Earned Income Tax credit, which would have cut their taxes. He raised the property tax burden on seniors and the middle class by reducing property tax rebates and now he’s come out in opposition to a plan that would triple property tax relief. He crafted outrageously inflated revenue projections that even he doesn’t believe in an effort to game the system and now he’s angry that Democrats have taken a more responsible path to middle class property tax relief.

“Today wasn’t about tax relief for New Jerseyans. It was about Governor Christie’s need to be before a television camera as he auditions for another job. His higher taxes on the working poor, higher tolls for commuters and higher property tax burden for seniors and the middle class should be a lesson to all of us. Governor Christie’s true agenda is reflected in what he does and not in what he says.