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Assembly Democrats John S. Wisniewski and Craig J. Coughlin (both D-Middlesex) on Tuesday released data from a nonpartisan analysis showing Governor Christie’s budget vetoes will cost the 19th legislative district over $39 million in school aid, nearly a 14 percent decrease from the democratic plan.

The Democratic budget supported by Wisniewski and Coughlin would have delivered significant increases in aid to many of the school districts in the 19th district, but Christie sliced this funding via his line-item vetoes.

At the hands of the Governor’s budget axe, Woodbridge will lose $13.1 million in aid, a 38.3 percent cut, Carteret will lose $12. 5 million, a 33.4 percent cut, and Sayreville will lose $9.5 million, a 33.1 percent cut, according to an analysis prepared by the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services.

“Many of the schools in our district are a classic example of those being shortchanged by this Governor’s vindictive budgeting decisions, like my hometown of Sayreville which would have greatly benefited from this much-needed property tax relief,” said Wisniewski. “Our budget would have made sure that every district, suburban, urban and rural was adequately funded. The Governor, instead, decided that protecting the wealthiest New Jerseyans was more important than ensuring an adequate education for our children.”

“Students and property taxpayers in districts like Woodbridge and Carteret, in particular are the victims of the Governor’s misguided priorities,” said Coughlin. “Property taxpayers everywhere have been feeling the heat from the Governor’s record cuts in aid for the past year. Meanwhile students have been forced into larger classrooms, programs have been cut, teachers laid off and yet the Governor continues to repeat the same mistakes, all while shielding the millionaires of this state from any sacrifice.”

Democratically supported legislation would have provided increased funding for suburban schools through a two-year surcharge imposed upon 16,000 millionaires. Christie vetoed that legislation, marking the second time he has protected tax cuts for millionaires.