Wisniewski: Democratic Budget Will Help Working Families. A Shutdown Won’t.

Assemblyman John S. Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) issued the following statement Thursday in support of the Democratic budget:

“Why any Democrat in New Jersey would acquiesce to Governor Christie given his record of spite, deception and failed leadership is beyond me. The hasty attempt to seize funds from Horizon deserves immense scrutiny.

“It would be imprudent to play along with a governor who repeatedly has proven himself to be untrustworthy. Perhaps the only thing more unwise would be using it to hold up a budget that aims to help people in New Jersey with the greatest need.

“Working people in this state deserve consideration of the budget on its merits, of which there are several. The Democratic budget puts people first. The funding for public education, cancer research, support for sexual assault survivors, tuition assistance and anti-recidivism efforts reflects the progressive values in which the people of New Jersey believe.

“This isn’t about Horizon. This is about helping working families achieve economic stability, giving our young people a shot at a brighter future and making New Jersey a better place to live for all of its residents. The proposed budget – which all Democrats should support – will achieve those ends. A state government shutdown that disrupts their lives will not.”