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Wisniewski Response to Governor Christie’s Tax Cut Proposal

Calls it a sham and a Trojan horse to provide tax cuts to the rich

Deputy Speaker John S. Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) issued the following statement in response to Republican calls to support Governor Christie’s tax cut proposal:

“Gov. Christie’s tax cut proposal is a sham. It’s nothing more than a cynical ploy to divert attention from the tax increases he has already foisted on New Jersey’s poor, senior citizens and middle class families and a Trojan horse to provide another tax cut for New Jersey’s wealthiest families.

“New Jersey already has a property tax relief program. It called the Homestead Rebate program. Its focus is middle class families and senior citizens. The Governor has cut the program in past budgets and earlier this year he decided to eliminate the program from this year’s budget, just like he cut tax relief for working low-income families when he cut the EITC.

“If the Governor wants to cut taxes, he should fund the middle class and senior tax cut program that already exists and restore the tax cut he took away from the working poor. But he won’t because his real goal is to provide another tax cut for the rich.”