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Assemblyman John Wisniewski had the following published on www.njtoday.netl:

“An hour and a half. That’s how long it took for word to reach Betty and Victor Dubinin that their only child – Sara – had been critically injured in a serious car accident and had been admitted to the Emergency Room at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick. Upon receiving the news, the Dubinins rushed to Sara’s side, arriving just moments after she had slipped into a coma.

Tragically, she never awoke; succumbing to her injuries the morning after she was admitted.As a parent, I cannot imagine a worse feeling than not knowing my children were in danger and, because of that, not being able to be there for them when they needed me most. In a crisis situation, a handful of minutes could mean the difference between life and death. And for the Dubinins, having an extra 90 minutes might have meant that they would have been able to say goodbye to their daughter…”

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