Wisniewski Statement on Christie’s Minimum Wage Comments at U.S. Chamber of Commerce Event

New Jersey Assembly Deputy Speaker John S. Wisniewski issued the following statement in response to Governor Chris Christie’s recent comments regarding the minimum wage during a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event in Washington, D.C.:

“Governor Christie’s minimum wage comments highlight why he is wrong for New Jersey and wrong for America.

“He is correct that no parent dreams of a minimum wage job for their son or daughter because attempting to live on a minimum wage job in America is a nightmare. Sadly, it is a living nightmare for millions of Americans. Their horror is surpassed only by those struggling with two or three jobs to provide for a family or, worse yet, those who cannot find work at all and have been cut off from unemployment by the governor’s congressional Republican cohorts.

“These are the people that offer the greatest opportunity for a stronger, better America. Strengthen their lot and you strengthen our country. But instead of trying to help these Americans achieve the American Dream the Governor turns a deaf ear to their plight. The only people who merit his attention are those with large bank accounts who can write big checks.

“Governor Christie and his Republican soul mates have no greater goal than to preserve the privileged status of the few as they turn their back on the many and the potential they represent for our country.”