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Wisniewski Statement on Port Authority Toll Hike Effective Sunday December 1, 2013

SAYREVILLE, N.J. – Deputy Speaker John S. Wisniewski issued the following statement in response to the toll hike for Port Authority of NY & NJ bridges and tunnels that will become effective on Sunday, December 1, 2013.

“Sunday’s Port Authority toll hike is the third of five, which will end up resulting in a 50% toll increase at a time of stagnant wages and negligible inflation. It comes from an agency whose management has been described as dysfunctional, that operates with minimal accountability and no transparency, and that has lost sight of what it means to serve the public.”

“This is an agency that needs to open its books and its operations to public scrutiny if it has any hope of regaining public confidence. If it doesn’t, it may well be time for Congress to reassess the authority it granted to the agency when it created it nearly one hundred years ago.”