Wisniewski Statement on Port Authority Toll Hike

Assembly Deputy Speaker John S. Wisniewski (D- Middlesex), chair of the Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee, released the following statement Monday after the fourth of five phased-in toll increases on Port Authority of New York and New Jersey bridges and tunnels took effect Sunday:

“Just in time for the holidays, the Port Authority is like the Grinch who’s once again come to steal the joy of New Jersey residents. The difference is that the Grinch eventually grew a heart. The Port Authority, on the other hand, clearly has no mercy.

“As New Jersey residents struggle to provide for their families in the midst of a still-lacking job climate in a state with an extraordinarily high cost of living, it’s simply insulting that even more of their hard-earned money now goes into the hands of such a dysfunctional entity.

“This toll increase is just the most recent example in a larger narrative for this broken bi-state agency. With a budget larger than that of 26 states and no oversight whatsoever, the Port Authority has made a deplorable habit of punishing commuters for its out-of-control spending. The comprehensive reform the legislature now seeks is a much-needed effort to rein in that recklessness, put an end to the abuse of power and restore public confidence.”