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Zwicker on Legislation Allowing Chiropractors to Obtain Temporary License to Practice in NJ on a Short-Term Basis

Bill Now Heads to Assembly Speaker for Further Review

Sports teams that employ a chiropractor on staff often prefer to bring them along when traveling out of state. Under current law, chiropractors traveling to New Jersey with their teams or visiting the state to teach educational programs and seminars are not allowed to practice here.

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker sponsors legislation that would permit licensed chiropractors from other states to obtain a temporary license allowing them to practice within New Jersey for up to 14 days. The chiropractor’s malpractice insurance would carry over while traveling in another state with an athletic team, as per legislation recently passed at the federal level.

Upon the bill (A-1194) passing the Assembly Regulated Professions Committee Thursday, he released the following statement:

“Chiropractors who work closely with professional sports teams understand what the athletes need to help prevent injuries and improve their performance. That’s why more than 90 percent of world-class athletes use a chiropractor.

“Team members trust their chiropractors and should be able to travel with them when visiting our state for a game. Similarly, chiropractors who come here to share their expertise at local seminars through hands-on demonstrations should also receive temporary authorization.

“With this legislation, New Jersey would join more than 30 other states in allowing chiropractors licensed elsewhere to temporarily practice within our borders.”