Atlantic City Urban Enterprise Zone & Atlantic County Property Tax Relief, Strengthening Port Newark-Elizabeth & Improving Amber & Silver Alerts Top Thursday Assembly Committees

Discussion Set on Digital Currency
Combating Unfair Consumer Contracts, Helping those who Overcome Substance Abuse, Improving Rights of Sexual Assault Victims, Medicaid Coverage for Diabetes Self-Management, Relief After Disasters, More Manufacturing Jobs, Pedestrian Safety & Targeting Telemarketing Fraud Also on Tap

(TRENTON) – Legislation to bring both an Urban Enterprise Zone to Atlantic City and property tax relief for Atlantic County, promote taxpayer savings by studying school consolidation in Atlantic County, strengthen Port Newark-Elizabeth and require dissemination of Amber and Silver Alert information through social media highlight Thursday’s Assembly committee meetings.
Bills to protect consumers from unfair contracts, help those who have overcome substance abuse disorders, improve the rights of sexual assault victims, provide Medicaid coverage for diabetes self-management, provide more time to pay taxes after disaster, protect charity drivers, promote more manufacturing jobs, improve pedestrian safety and crackdown on telemarketing fraud are also on tap.
The meetings are slated to being at 10 a.m. and will be streamed live at:
· A-3920 (Mazzeo/Andrzejczak) – “Atlantic City Urban Enterprise Zone and Property Tax Relief Act”; creates urban enterprise zone in Atlantic City for 10 years. 2 p.m. Commerce and Economic Development.
· A3578 (Mazzeo) – Provides supplemental appropriation of $85,000 from Property Tax Relief Fund to DCA for consolidation study of certain school districts in Atlantic County. 2 p.m. Appropriations.
· The Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee at 10 a.m. will receive testimony on concerning digital currency.
· A2585 (DeAngelo/Quijano) – Directs Attorney General to develop plan to disseminate Amber and Silver Alert information through social media. 10 a.m. Consumer Affairs.
· A-4082 (Pintor Marin/Spencer) – “Port Support Zone Act of 2015.” 2 p.m. Commerce and Economic Development.
· A3506 (Mainor/Quijano/Giblin/Wimberly/Pintor Marin/Spencer) – Directs Governor to withdraw from compact establishing Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor; dissolves compact and commission; transfers commission’s NJ operations to State Police. 2 p.m. Appropriations.
· A3052 (Mazzeo/Pinkin/Mukherji/Wimberly) – Prohibits municipalities from charging interest on unpaid property taxes for a month after payment is due following a significant weather event or natural disaster when a state of emergency is declared by the Governor. 2 p.m. Appropriations.
· A4097 (Moriarty/Diegnan/Mainor) – Prohibits certain provisions in consumer contracts. 10 a.m. Consumer Affairs.
· A-3602 (Mainor/Mukherji/Giblin) – Provides for issuance of certificate of rehabilitation to certain offenders with substance abuse disorders. 2 p.m. Law and Public Safety.
· A-3936 (Vainieri Huttle/Lampitt/Mosquera/Stender) – Establishes right of sexual assault victim to notification of certain developments in criminal case. 2 p.m. Law and Public Safety.
· A-1274 (Vainieri Huttle) – Prohibits use of volunteer driving activities in underwriting for private passenger automobile insurance; revises charitable immunity statute as applied to volunteer drivers. 10 a.m. Financial Institutions and Insurance.
· A3460 (Conaway/Pinkin) – Requires Medicaid coverage for diabetes self-management education for patients diagnosed with diabetes and pre-diabetes. 10 a.m. Health and Senior Services.
· A3314 (Johnson/Greenwald) – Establishes NJ Center for Oral Health at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. 10 a.m. Health and Senior Services.
· A-3026 (Singleton/Conaway/Andrzejczak/Mazzeo/Lagana/Mosquera/DeAngelo) – Creates the New Jersey Advanced Manufacturing Council. 2 p.m. Commerce and Economic Development.
· A-3739 (Fuentes/DeAngelo) – Concerns street light outage reporting. 10 a.m. Telecommunications and Utilities.
· A943 (Singleton/Conaway/Moriarty/Green/Lampitt/Mazzeo) – Permits small businesses to qualify for loans from NJEDA for costs of energy audit and making energy efficiency or conservation improvements. 2 p.m. Appropriations.
· A960 (Singleton/Conaway/Wimberly/Garcia) – Increases fine for violation of certain laws concerning pedestrian safety and traffic control; dedicates funds to certain roadways. 2 p.m. Appropriations.
· A986 (Andrzejczak/Benson) – Establishes telemarketing fraud investigation unit. 2 p.m. Appropriations.
· A1485 (DeAngelo/Benson/Garcia/Andrzejczak) – Establishes special license plates for honorably discharged veterans. 2 p.m. Appropriations.
· A1781 (McKeon/Mainor/Jasey/Wimberly/Sumter) – “Nikhil’s Law”; requires MVC to inform and test drivers on dangers of failing to comply with traffic safety laws and “STOP for Nikhil Safety Pledge.” 2 p.m. Appropriations.
· A2935 (Andrzejczak/Lagana) – Authorizes property tax deferment for deployed military personnel. 2 p.m. Appropriations.
· A3021 (Singleton/Conaway/Andrzejczak/Lagana/Garcia/Mosquera) – Directs Secretary of Higher Education to establish a pilot program to assist certain unemployed and underemployed individuals to complete a career and technical education certificate program in 12 months. 2 p.m. Appropriations.
· A3624 (Watson Coleman/Singleton/Schaer/Gusciora/Lagana) – Prohibits award of State contracts and development subsidies to inverted domestic corporations. 2 p.m. Appropriations.
· A3749 (Lampitt/Mazzeo/Andrzejczak/Mukherji) – Establishes program to provide assistance to qualified veterans in in-patient and out-patient treatment programs to travel to counseling programs in State.
· A3425 (Mosquera/Mukherji/Lagana) – Concerns UI benefits for claimants who leave work to accept other work and are laid off from subsequent work. 2 p.m. Appropriations.