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(TRENTON) – Assembly Military and Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Jack Conners (D-Camden/Burlington) released the following statement Thursday on Veterans Day 2010:

“As we go about our daily lives, we must always remember that brave young men and women are sacrificing their lives and defending our freedom in far off places.
“Consider this – between Sept. 9 and Oct. 29, the Department of Defense announced the deaths of 87 men and women while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. We heard plenty of talk during that period about celebrity divorces and scandals, but how much did we hear about these 87 brave Americans?
” Sadly, not much.
“Veterans Day is set aside to remember and honor the bravery of our men and women in uniform, but it’s something we as Americans should try to do everyday. And while we pause to remember those who have given their lives, we can do more than contemplate. We can help our veterans who returned home, including those who need some extra support.
“Stop by an American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars to thank a veteran. Send a card or offer assistance to a veterans care facility. Donate to a charity that lends a helping hand to our veterans.
“Let’s honor Veterans Day this year as always, while endeavoring to keep veterans and their sacrifices in our hearts each and every day.”