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Coughlin Re-elected to Serve as Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly

Assemblyman Craig Coughlin (D-Middlesex) was re-elected by acclamation by the members of the Democratic Caucus to serve as the Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly during the 219th Legislative Session:

“I am honored to serve a second term as Assembly Speaker. I thank my fellow Assembly democrats for putting their trust in me to continue to serve as the leader of our caucus. 

“We have accomplished many great things over the last two years that have improved the lives of our fellow New Jerseyans including increasing the minimum wage, protecting our most vulnerable, and providing a record amount of school funding. 

“However, there remains a lot to be done in the coming months and into next year and I am happy to work with our 52 member caucus on all of the initiatives we hope to accomplish.

“We’re going to continue our mission to end food insecurity in the state — beginning with a bill that will address the school lunches for all children. We are going to continue to fight for our veterans, those facing housing insecurities, and all middle class families. 

“As I have stated in the beginning of my first term, we will serve as both team players and, at times, when we must, independent leaders on critical policy issues. 

“I am excited to continue to lead and look forward to working with all the members on my caucus as we move our democratic agenda forward.” 

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