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Greenwald: A To-Do List for a Governor Running Scared from Middle-Class & Senior Property Tax Relief

(TRENTON) – Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) offered the following to-do list for Gov. Chris Christie Wednesday when he arrives in East Hanover:

“If Gov. Christie is going to have an honest discussion about New Jersey, he needs to address the following:
· Explain how New Jersey lost 8,600 jobs in March and still has a 9 percent unemployment rate that’s higher than the national average and neighboring states;
· Detail his decisions that have led to a net 20 percent property tax hike since he took office;
· Highlight the $40,000 annual tax breaks he’s given to the mega-rich;
· Note it’s been 848 days since he became governor and he has yet to fulfill his promise to fully restore property tax rebates (in fact he slashed them);
· And discuss his opposition to women’s health care.
“Gov. Christie is clearly in panic mode and running scared from the Assembly Democratic plan to provide middle-class families with up to $2,000 in property tax relief and senior and disabled citizens with up to $2,500. He’s obsessed with trying to talk his way around his opposition to middle-class property tax relief and his support for tax cuts for millionaires, but our plan is the responsible approach, especially amid the governor’s failed economic policies.
“Gov. Christie is going to have to face reality and have a straightforward discussion with hard-working families who have endured his failed policies. It’s time for him to put his national ambitions aside and join us in our effort to provide realistic, responsible and meaningful property tax relief to New Jersey’s middle-class and seniors.”