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Greenwald: Once Again Christie Rhetoric Fails to Match His Record

(TRENTON) – Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) released the following statement Wednesday in response to Gov. Christie’s pronouncements that “We don’t want Washington DC politics in Trenton”:

“Gov. Christie’s proclamation about keeping Washington politics out of Trenton flies in the face of his own record of engaging in cynical Washington Tea Party politics while sitting in the governor’s chair.
“After all, this is the governor who slashed critically-needed women’s health funding, cancelled the Hudson River commuter rail tunnel, politicized and botched New Jersey’s Race to the Top application, vetoed a bill to create health exchanges in New Jersey and spent 54 days of the last eight months campaigning out of state for national Republicans – all moves designed to appease a Washington GOP base and bolster his national ambitions.
“And yet, despite New Jersey lagging significantly behind the national unemployment rate and our neighboring states and our unemployment rate rising in the latest report, he continues to talk about a Jersey Comeback.
“While the governor may be eager to declare ‘Mission Accomplished’ in our state, I believe we have much further to go before middle-class families will truly feel the comeback.
“The truth is, there is only one person obstructing real, significant property tax relief for 95 percent of middle-class families and seniors – and that’s Gov. Christie with his obsession for tax breaks for millionaires.”