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Jimenez Statement in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

(TRENTON) – Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez (D-Bergen/Hudson) issued the following statement on Friday in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month:

“As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, I want to salute the everyday Latinos who work tirelessly for their families and for the betterment of their communities; the ones who may not garner headlines, but whose efforts have a positive impact on society. I also want to encourage those whose knowledge of Latino culture is limited to media images to use this as an opportunity to learn about the people behind the category.

We come from different countries with different cultures and traditions. Some of us have been in this country for generations; while others are still adapting to American life. Our stories are not that different from other groups that came before us. We came here in the pursuit of happiness and better opportunities. And we are now part of the rich mosaic that makes this country great. We are Latinos. We are Americans. And we will continue to contribute our voices, our intellect, our passion and our cultural traditions to this melting pot.”