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Legislation to Bolster Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities Clears Assembly Committee

TRENTON (February 5, 2024) – The Assembly Labor Committee today advanced legislation that would establish a new state program to connect individuals with disabilities with job training and employment resources. Bill A2769, sponsored by Assembly Majority Leader Louis D. Greenwald, furthers legislative efforts to support New Jersey residents with disabilities who are looking for jobs.

“I’m proud that A2769 would be the latest in a series of bills designed to close the employment gap for individuals with disabilities,” said Majority Leader Greenwald (D-Camden, Burlington). “We have people willing and eager to work, and we know companies are looking to hire. This legislation would enable people with disabilities to get the training they need to find the employment they want, and will facilitate connections between job seekers and hiring managers.”

Under the bill, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOLWD) would establish a program to connect people with disabilities with organizations that provide job training for the disabled communities and with employers that have employment need. The bill would require the department to create and maintain the program in collaboration with an eligible non-profit organization or for-profit entity that works with a non-profit. The organizations are required to have a minimum of five years of experience working with people with disabilities.

A2769 would also require the NJDOLWD to develop an online resource hub to provide information, including offering lists of qualified organizations providing job training or employment opportunities. The hub would also detail state labor laws and guidelines on fair employment and enable employers to post job openings.

The NJDOLWD would create the program in consultation with the New Jersey Department of Human Services, which houses the New Jersey Division of Disability Services.