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Mazzeo Responds to Christie’s Conditional Veto of Bill to Bring Greater Transparency to State Investment Council

Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo (D-Atlantic) released the following statement regarding Gov. Christie’s conditional veto of A-3772/S-2430 on Monday, legislation he sponsored to bring more transparency and accountability to the State Investment Council, which is charged with overseeing New Jersey’s multi-billion dollar pension system.

“The Governor today dismantled legislation aimed to bring more openness and transparency to the actions surrounding who invests our state pension dollars and how. With over $70 billion in assets, taxpayers deserve to see who is managing their hard-earned money and how much they’re being charged to do so.

“We should never play politics with the future of our state’s middle-class families and seniors. That’s why taxpayers deserve to know whether there’s any pay-to-play in our pension system and whether or not political favors are being handed out.

“We need more transparency and openness in state government. By vetoing this legislation the Governor has put his Wall Street friends in front of our state’s hard-working families, and it’s wrong.”