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Mukherji & Verrelli Legislation Permitting Optometrists to Administer Coronavirus, Flu Vaccines Passes Full Legislature

As the state calls on qualified health care professionals to assist in its effort to vaccinate New Jersey adults during the COVID-19 pandemic, Assembly Democrats Raj Mukherji and Anthony Verrelli sponsor legislation that would permit optometrists to administer vaccines under certain circumstances.

The bill (A-5222) authorizes optometrists certified by the New Jersey State Board of Optometrists to administer vaccines to adults for influenza and coronaviruses during a public health emergency involving an outbreak or epidemic of those diseases.

Upon the bill passing the full Senate and Assembly on Thursday by a vote of 37-0 and 71-1-0, respectively, Assemblymen Mukherji (D-Hudson) and Verrelli (D-Hunterdon, Mercer) issued the following joint statement:

“We’re all eager to see an end to this unprecedented crisis. A key factor influencing how quickly we can distribute vaccines to residents is how many health care professionals are available to help administer them. Expanding safe points of access for New Jerseyans to receive the COVID-19 vaccine will help our state get this pandemic under control more quickly and efficiently.”

The measure now heads to the Governor’s desk.