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Prieto: The Governor Fiddles as Atlantic City Fails

(TRENTON) — Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson) had the following published recently in NJBiz:

“I will not, as Speaker, support legislation that tramples collective bargaining rights. That is a core principle. One publication tried to mock my stance as the ‘Prieto Principle.’ Well, if protecting collectively bargaining agreements and rights for hard-working New Jerseyans who sacrifice daily equates to the Prieto Principle, then I wear that badge proudly. Oh, and trampling collective bargained agreements may be open to federal and state constitutional challenges.

“I will not, as Speaker, exempt the state from unfair labor practice laws. That is almost unthinkable. Fair labor practices for workers is another core principle.

“I will not, as Speaker, disenfranchise Atlantic City voters.

“And I will not, as Speaker, support legislation that opens the door to allowing the state to take over local governments throughout the state. The state’s record of managing local government is horrid.”

To read the rest of Speaker Prieto’s op-ed, click here.