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Ramos: ‘A Long Awaited Victory for Civil Rights’

Urges Christie not Appeal Marriage Equality Ruling

(33rd LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) – Assemblyman Ruben J. Ramos (D-Hudson) released the following statement Friday after a state Superior Court judge ruled marriage equality must come to New Jersey starting Oct. 21:

“This is long-awaited victory for civil rights – and one the governor should not stand in the way of becoming reality.
“We know civil unions did not provide full equality to same-sex couples. That’s why we voted to legalize marriage equality in New Jersey, and I was proud to sponsor that bill. Sadly Gov. Christie did not see fit to sign it, but today’s ruling is the right thing for New Jersey. We must always prioritize equal treatment under the law, and Oct. 21 will be a great day for New Jersey.
“I urge Gov. Christie not to appeal this decision. Doing so simply means loving couples may be forced to wait even longer for their equal rights. Let marriage equality become reality as quickly as possible.”